Prescott Hoo PercoTop was Born on April 1st 2014 in a small little animation studio and publishing house in Vancouver, British Columbia! Home of high end technology and finest of what nature can offer…

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Prescott PercoTop was Raised in the states of California and Colorado where he proved himself as a revolutionary in pocket water pipes and dab rigs with his unique non spill technology. PercoTop the Pioneer in universal non-spill water pipe technology and attaches to most 510 globe atomizers and standard e-cig batteries

Using hydro-locks and balanced air pressure, PercoTop will not spill in your pocket. Surface tension contains the water within the bubbler chamber making cooling and water filtration both portable and ready for your next adventure.

A revolutionary affordable design unlike other bubblers in the market, PercoTop chugs like a proper water pipe. A sleek, simple and made scientifically blown glass that creates a cooler and more flavorful hit effectively filtering carcinogens from coils, oils and burning material.