This is the Percotop “Bowler”, and it produces tons of bubbles, smoothing the vapor from scorchingly hot to a very cool, dense flavored vapor. With this attachment, the vapor is so smooth, I find myself able to get much larger hits, equivalent to the size of 3 to 4 hits without water filtration”

Some things come to you that simply cannot be ignored. and the Percotop is one of them. it’s very well made and easy to use bubbler attachment for your classic vape pen. Bubbler vape you say? Yeah, that’s right. A bubbler Vape that doesn’t spill in your pocket. PercoTop uses the surface tension of water to constrain the water within the bubbler chamber!

I would Recommend for stores to carry this product and think the vape pen fans will really dig its function”


Hotbreath Magazine
Hotbreath Magazine

Man! @ironshoemonkey outdid himself with this #Percotop! I’m diggin it! Follow him now! It’s like a portable waterbong for your weezax! #Blowed!”

Slink Johnson (Black Jesus)